Welcome to Deckleswood School - Institute of Practical Magic

Deckleswood's history spans over 200 years and has seen many powerful, successful and intelligent witches and wizards walk through its corridors. Not only does the school have a very unique practical syllabus, it has acquired its status as "Accredited Defence School" from the Canadian Ministry of Magic.

Deckleswood School admits all ages from 11 through to 18. For the early years our syllabus covers a fully comprehensive and wide range of subjects and learning, though focus remains on practical teaching. 4th and 5th Year study for O.W.L.s - our focus only five main subjects - Charms, Defence, Muggle Studies, Potions and Transfiguration of which students are expected to take all five. For 6th and 7th Years - our focus is N.E.W.T.s where students can choose from the same five subjects, studing as few as one and as many as five. Anyone choosing to attend Deckleswood for 4th and 5th Year, or even 6th and 7th Year, should be certain their interest lies in one or more of these core subjects.

Please continue to read through this prospectus for more information about the school, before you submit your application for enrollment.

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