Letter from Decklesby Town Council

Thank you for your interest in moving to Decklesby, either as a resident or business owner. Decklesby is a thriving town, governed by its very own Town Council. Originally a Muggle village, Decklesby is now a long established Wizarding town. Standing in the shadow of Deckleswood School, at the foot of a mountain, Decklesby is both beautiful and quaint.

Many many years ago, when the school was originally founded, some of the original charms placed on the school went wrong. This caused an adverse reaction to the village, causing many of the Muggles to gain magical abilities. Obviously because of this, the villagers were made aware of the Wizarding World, but sworn to secrecy in order to remain in their homes. Over the years the village has slowly seen the population increase in wizarding folk and as such these days is considered to be a wizarding town with a mixture of both muggles and wizards residing there.

Decklesby went from strength to strength, flourishing as the school's reputation increased. However when Deckleswood originally closed, over 150 years ago, the village became quiet once again with only a few of the original families remaining. Long established businesses continued to run, managing to survive on local trade only, but many people chose to uproot and move to the nearby city of Vancouver instead. In 149 AVD, Deckleswood had a grand re-opening which was highly publicised throughout the wizarding community. Families across the country were eager to have their children study at Deckleswood, knowing of the reputation the school had before. With the school attracting new staff and students to the area, the village of Decklesby welcomed many new residents and visitors.

Over the years, the village began to thrive once again. The town was always occupied and new businesses opened constantly. Due to an initiative 20 years ago, the Ministry of Magic (located in nearby Vancouver) hoped to reinstate Decklesby as one of the most important wizarding settlements in Canada. As a part of this initiative, Decklesby went from being a village to a town. With this transition, a Town Mayor position was created and Harrison Swarley was voted in. Swarley stayed in office for over a decade before he eventually chose to move on from the position. He put forth the idea of having a Town Council, advocating that a group of people would better reflect the spirit and wishes of the town when making executive decisions.

Just recently, a fire started at Deckleswood which caused the Ministry to close the school immediately. The situation is currently undergoing investigation and everyone is unsure whether or not the school will reopen. All students were sent home and all the staff have chosen to leave, not able to go an indefinite amount of time without work. During this time, the town is in a state of limbo. The fire is the new hot gossip and people are deciding whether to sell their businesses and leave or to stick around in hope that the school will reopen soon. There is also an outsider interest of moving into Decklesby with plenty of businesses being sold and at a bargain price.

Please read the information included in your residency package and then - presuming you'll decide to apply - fill in the application on the last page.

Decklesby Town Council