Letter from the Decklesby Town Council

Decklesby - once a Muggle village, but now a large town - is located right next to Deckleswood School, Institute of Practical Magic. Many many years ago, when the school was originally founded, some of the original charms placed on the school went wrong. This caused an adverse reaction to the village, causing many of the Muggles to gain magical abilities. Obviously because of this, the villagers were made aware of the Wizarding World, but sworn to secrecy in order to remain in their homes. Over the years the village has slowly seen the population increase in wizarding folk and as such these days is considered to be a magical location, with a mixture of both muggles and wizards residing there.

Although Decklesby was once much busier than it is today (sadly the school closing a few times hasn't helped), we are hoping to see it slowly grow back up again. Some long established businesses are still going strong, while others remain closed and awaiting new owners. Decklesby is still currently in a very exciting phase of its history and anyone considering moving here could be a part of that.

We strongly urge you to read the information I have included in your residency package and then - presuming you'll decide to apply - fill in the application on the last page.

We look forward to welcoming you,

Decklesby Town Council Members